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ナノブロック アワードセレクション スキューバダイビング NBC_276

Caleb, The Nanodog Story


Caleb is my first Nanoblock custom creation and is based on a real dog who lives with friends.

At the time I created Caleb, I was fairly new to Nanoblocks and the only other Nanoblock dog I had was Hokkaido Dog (NBC-005). I started by printing a couple of photos of dogs, including one of the real dog and a couple from dog breed websites. I had also come across Chris Tan’s web site – and had read his article on how to design Nanoblock creations, remembering one tip – “Start building from the smallest significant detail”. While I didn’t actually do this, I did determine that I wanted the leg to be a 2X2 block, and everything else followed from there.

The first version was very ‘block’ shaped, but size was about right. Several rebuilds later I had a little bit of shape, then started on getting the colour placements right. Part of the challenge was the very limited number of blocks I had to work with at the time – I was down to only 2 1x1 light grey blocks spare by the time I had finished him, so some block choices and placements may seem like unusual choices.

There are build instructions for Caleb at -, and the full story how I was introduced to nanoblocks, including how I came to build Caleb can be found at –